the corruption of reflection

Last night I saw The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema up at MoMA. It was introduced by the filmmaker sophie feinnes and the psychoanalyst & star slavoj zizek, and they did a little Q&A at the end as well. The movie was really enjoyable – it was long, but wandered through so many different universes that I never felt bored, and it still managed to hold some thread of connection so that it felt – perhaps not complete, but partially complete. It didn’t feel like a random selection of scenes. I believed we were following a point, even if I didn’t necessarily agree with all the conclusions. And there were so many brilliant scenes from films, so many turning points, moments of realization. That is what is so appealing about films, those moments of understanding or recognition, either when the character on screen gets something, or when you as the audience get something about what is happening onscreen. All forms of art allow for this reflective aspect, but it seems like film is the medium in which we see ourselves most distinctly. There is a combination of separation and immersion here that may be uniquely perverted.

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