the gravity of the situation

hawking in space, or at least in a simulation of zero gravity… this is the first step toward actually taking a trip above the atmosphere, and maybe, eventually, going further.

This is impressive because of his disabilities and unsurprising considering his beliefs. Hawking’s an advocate of ditching this planet, basically. I heard a surprisingly pessimistic statement from him on the radio this morning about how our only hope is to colonize other parts of the universe because we’re about to destroy the earth one way or another. In a way it’s sort of funny that a man who’s overcome so much regarding his personal difficulties thinks humanity should just give up… but then, perhaps the analogy actually goes the other way. It’s not like any amount of effort was going to get his body to work right – he had to “give up” on it and seek alternative technological solutions to get where he is. We could imagine that his attitude toward the earth is similar, that rather than try to make it work organically, the way it was originally, we should move past it and make a once-fantastic answer realistic.

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