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The Beeb does Nietzsche, as well as Heidegger, and Sartre… Whether they do a good job or not is another question, but it’s still kind of impressive that they have TV programs about philosophers.

This and this on Rorty and American pragmatism, are pretty interesting, though.

One Response to “more youtubery”

  1. Dennis Osborne Says:

    Thanks. I never would have guessed there was film footage of Nietzsche. That was fascinating.

    It got me to thinking how films can bring a person back from the grave. You know, actors like Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, and Betty Davis will always be alive.

    So wouldn’t it be great if a movie studio would be started, dedicated to bringing historical characters back to life? Special effects have gotten so good, it only takes a picture of say, Bin Laden, and they can create a film making it appear he’s moving and speaking. It’s becoming commonly known. That’s why there is sometimes skepticism expressed when a film of him is shown.

    Well, forget all that. What I’m thinking is, wouldn’t it be great if, say, a Civil War film were made with Lincoln, Lee, Grant, Sherman and others all playing themselves? There are photos of all. And those could be animated to play their parts. The only thing we couldn’t duplicate would be perhaps a few mannerisms (though many are described in novels) and more importantly, what we must always guess at, their voices. Still it would be fun. I would think even paintings could be used which would mean a good many movie biographies could be made, going far back, using animated actual images to make it appear the character was filmed, even before cameras were developed.

    I hope I live to see a few such films. Now if such a company were started, those are stocks I would love to buy. It would be a risk, though. I wonder if others would be as fascinated as I.

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