rox and sox

I feel bad for the colorado rockies. I guess that’s just what life is like for National League players, but I have family in colorado, and I liked the idea that they were on such a roll… I had hoped at least that they’d put up a good fight, but last night was kinda ugly.
This is a nice breakdown. I guess we’ll see if the games in colorado are any different…

Back in 2004 (scroll to Oct 19), you can see I was rooting for the Red Sox, and this year I did enjoy the ALC series, and their comeback against the Indians (I’ll admit to moments of sympathy for the Indians because they hadn’t won in so long, and the idea that all of Cleveland was saying “it’s Tribe time” was cute, but then I’d look at that logo again, and those feelings would vanish completely. Also I’m being influenced by a committed Boston fan. Who sent me this)

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One Response to “rox and sox”

  1. Dennis Osborne Says:

    I’ve seen it often and still don’t understand. Cities seem to be in more danger after their teams win a big series than when they lose. Go figure!

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