maybe I just like bees.

I saw Bee Movie the other night. I had originally thought it sounded fun when I heard about it over the summer – I am kind of a sucker for insect related things, for some reason. But then the press about it was pretty bad (53% on tomatoes), and the one clip I saw on TV (Conan, I think) didn’t look that good either, so I felt pretty half-hearted. But N. is a Seinfeld fan, and wanted to see it one way or another, so I went along, and I actually found it really fun. I’m not sure why the critics have been so harsh… maybe just because more was expected, and we’ve seen plenty of animated stories before.

Some of the reviews suggest that there is no story to keep the whole thing together, that it’s just a series of jokes without a backbone, but I didn’t find this to be the case at all. The story isn’t all that suprising, perhaps, especially if you saw Antz, but it comes to at least a slightly different conclusion, & there definitely is a plot. There is a lot of silliness, but I didn’t see that as a negative, and I liked how it was mixed with a fair amount of more subtle humor. I suppose it could just come down to expectations; I went in just hoping not to be bored, whereas other people say after Ratatouille, nothing could match up. (I didn’t see Ratatouille, so I can’t really comment there.) I was consistently entertained, and laughed out loud pretty regularly, and basically found the whole premise pretty funny (the primary relationship – the bee-human flirtation – was hilarious to me, though the courtroom stuff was less interesting).

While we’re on B(ee) movies, here’s some zombie deconstruction.

One Response to “maybe I just like bees.”

  1. Michael M. Says:

    Interestingly, I was slightly disappointed with Ratatouille, precisely because everyone said it was the second coming of Christ. (In rodent form)

    Bee Movie also doesn’t look very promising to me. But maybe it’s best to go to movies that you don’t expect much from?

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