SOme videos here are pretty cool – especially the “video picks” which are weekly gatherings of youtube clips. The 10/31 video picks clip includes a clip of giuliani on charlie rose from 1996 stating he’s “not really a republican mayor”, as well as a collage of anti-hillary stuff called “hillary knew” which I realized half-way through I may know the singer of (well, knew once, I should say) – I think it’s this guy, though I can’t find proof he wrote such a song
(but there is proof he’s currently on a 9/11 conspiracy roll, though to be fair not the complete nutball “controlled demolition” version; just the paranoid romantic (ie, good vs evil) “the government knew and didn’t prevent it”. And obviously the government didn’t prevent it, and did know in an abstract sense that terrorist attacks on the WTC were being planned (since there was a failed attempt in the early 90s), so the question becomes how much who knew about what. I can imagine a blind eye attitude among the administration, but as the post above describes, the idea of following lots of crazy folks who claim to have inside info around in hopes of really finding out that the administration had full knowledge and still responded as if they were caught with their pants down just seems poorly thought out.)
PS – anyone know how to use “small” tags on wordpress? I keep trying and they keep getting ignored…

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