let’s get physical

A new TOE has been proposed by a non-academic physicist. He has a PhD as well as a livejournal, but he’s not affiliated with any university, and apparently spends a lot of time surfing. Some say he’s a crackpot who doesn’t even understand the basics, while others think there could definitely be some worthwhile scholarship here – and that that naysayer mentioned before is basically mental.It seems the theory is not so much a fundamental description of the way in which all the forces are unified, but as he puts it more of a “periodic table of the elements” for the primary particles, which would help define what makes different groups like or unlike, and even could predict existence of previously unknown particles, as Mendelev did with his chart in the 1860s. So if it’s right it still wouldn’t exactly answer all our questions – but it could be a huge step forward.

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2 Responses to “let’s get physical”

  1. Bee Says:

    Interestingly, in its briefness your note is one of the clearest and best balanced reactions on Garrett’s paper that I’ve come across 🙂

  2. Dennis Osborne Says:

    I took science as a second major, hoping it would put an end to my awe of such theorists of the universe as Lisi. It didn’t help at all. I once took a quantum mechanics course and am still floored at the inexplicable actions of the atomic world, such as electrons supposedly moving from one location to another without going anywhere in-between. There is more to existance than what most of us generally imagine. And what a thrill it must be, spending one’s life dwelling and expanding upon that.

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