warped weekly

This article by my good friend Andie Feldman, heads the contents listings for “books” in this week’s print Village Voice. She’s written expert art-rock explorations, interviews & critiques for her own zine and then undergroundy alternative rags, for years now, but getting a full page in the Voice seems pretty cool to me. It’s a review of a couple new books on the New York art punk scene.   This is a good excuse to link to her excellent blog, as well.  

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One Response to “warped weekly”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Why thank you! I’m pretty damn excited about a full page in the Voice as well. I got the PDF today and it was like …yee-hah, I’ve arrived! Better get to work on the next round of pitches, then…

    This also reminds me that I need to grab your RSS feed so I can read this on my LJ!

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