This entry has an interesting conversation in the comments between a (male) author of a Christian feminist book, and the author of the blog, a christian housewife who was offended by the book. Neither view is really comprehensible to me, but I am still kind of weirdly fascinated by the stances they take. I am sometimes unsure if it’s harder to understand absolutism or flexible interpretations, as it seems that once you start opening up to new understandings, it’s hard to see why you won’t eventually come around to question things further… I mean, if you can interpret “jesus” in a metaphoric sort of way, that’s one thing, but Prof Stackhouse seems to be a conservative christian in most ways, just with openness to variation on women’s roles as being evidenced in the bible. But I guess people find the lifestyle they prefer and then interpret as necessary. 

What’s more worrying is the current front runner in Iowa, in the Republican primary, Mike Huckabee, recently proclaimed himself chosen by God to be the next president… He says his campaign is surging for the same reason that “a little boy with two fish & 5 loaves could feed a crowd of 5000 – divine intervention. So not only does he believe that Christianity is the one true religion, he believes that he is the one true candidate. That’s fucked up.

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One Response to “Fundamentalism”

  1. madmonq Says:

    GW Bush believes he was elected by god via the supreme court. He hasn’t screwed up at all.

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