science & religion

This video (“duelity” is both side by side) is an interesting idea – terrible fake accent voice-overs, but the concept of telling evolution in a biblical-esque way and creation as if it were science fiction is cute. It doesn’t really get very deep, but perhaps can remind people that the real issues aren’t stylistic but really come down to authority vs chaos. As explained here, neither version sounds very plausible…

I said I’d say more about the primary debates – I listened to the dems the next day as well – but really there didn’t seem to be much to say. They were nice enough conversations, that more or less confirmed what you knew, or if you didn’t remember, gave you a little more data, but really I didn’t feel like I learned much.

This quiz tells me Chris Dodd (scores 59) is my candidate, followed by a tie between Obama & Hillary (at 54). Bill Richardson is the lowest of the democrats for me, barely above the highest of the Republicans, Rudy Giuliani (score 34 vs 33). Mitt Romney is apparently preferable to McCain (12 to 10)! Interesting. It’s a better quiz than the one I took a few weeks ago that just seemed to give everyone who took it “dennis kucinich” as an answer, for some reason.

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