this life

Really good episode… Listening on the radio, but thought I’d share. I’ve just heard the Fred/Barney & heart donor chapters so far – I thought the first was really funny & oddly touching, and the second just fascinating.

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  1. Dennis Osborne Says:

    I could identify, having drifted away from so many friends after various chapters of life ended. Once I hadn’t contacted a best friend of youth, from my old home town, in years, but learned from my aunt that he’d been found in a parked car by a guard, in the middle of the night, speaking incoherently at a military base with a machete in the front seat of his car. It was hard to believe of my old friend. I mean, if you knew him, you couldn’t imagine it possible. But they were arresting him every few months for his failure to show up in court for his trial dates.

    I launched a letter campaign for my good doctor friend who clearly was suffering from a mental breakdown. I learned through research on the Internet that what the press and prosecutor had frequently reported as a reserve military base actually only served as such in the summers. At the time of year Richard was discovered there, it was functioning as a natural area for hunters and hikers. Seemed to me, with his old scouting background, a machete was not out of place for such an area at all.

    My letter campaign worked. The arrests stopped and there were no further reports about Richard in the newspaper, thereafter. Hopefully, he received the medical treatment he needs. I’m proud of what I did for him. And it makes me feel good, too, that he and no one else in my old home town will ever know what I did. I didn’t even tell my aunt. But come on! A friend is a friend for life, even after having drifted apart. I will always love that guy and his family, too. What I did was little. I would do much more. I’m guessing I’m not alone in feeling that way about old, special friends. Having drifted apart means nothing. Even if I found I was completely incompatible with an old friend, now, that feeling of closeness for the person I once knew would never leave.

    I’ve read you enjoy the John Stewart Show and Stephen Colbert’s as well. Here is an option for you to receive ‘Comedy Central’ free online along with C-SPAN, some foreign channel sites, and even old classical films if you like. Sherlock Holmes, with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce was running in several consecutive films on the Classical Movie channel the other night.

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