huckabee plans

I have been away, in London for the holidays, and then feeling sick back here in NY, so, apologies for disappearing. I hope the new year’s treating everyone well. I felt compelled to post a quick link here because I saw this clip: it’s some bad talk show with a truly frightening piece of Mike Huckabee. He’s saying that he wants to amend the constitution to reflect the bible. And the chatty talk show folks sort of say, gosh, that’s a bit much isn’t it, but he is quite charming, I dunno… FREAKY.

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  1. Dennis Osborne Says:

    This was interesting. It offered the democratic debate of last night only with Kucinich being given a late opportunity to respond to the questions, too. I felt his inclusion added depth. And since he’s now at war with NBC, it was fascinating hearing him speak unrestrained of their motivations.

    I’m not sure I totally agree with his attack, since MSNBC is the only major network I know of where you can find an occasional liberal voice to counteract Fox and all the conservative radio talk shows. Still, I suspect there was some truth in what he asserted of NBC corporate heads.

    Regardless, when Kucinich interjected his opinions into the debate, it made it all too obvious the remaining candidates have become three of a kind. Too bad he wasn’t there to push them beyond themselves.

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