(good thing there’s rss…)

I always have things I think I will write about on this page, and then by the time I get home, it just seems silly to put up on entry on something so unimportant, or I don’t feel I have time for it, and I shrug it off, thinking a more important or more interesting subject will occur to me another time.

Of course, it isn’t the more interesting subjects that win out, but just those that randomly pop into my mind on those days when I am in the right mood to post something – an endless trail of half-thoughts make it to the cusp of expression, but fall back to the murky soup of passing fancy, because I just didn’t have enough for breakfast, or the phone rang at the wrong time…I am very aware how random this site is. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty that I don’t maintain something devoted to my supposed topic of study, a philosophy blog of some kind, but honestly I think I ended up in philosophy because I somehow imagined my disparate interests could meet at their roots through the deeper questions. But discussions like that can feel vague and unsatisfying.

I saw a bunch of movies in the last few weeks, and was going to make some notes about them, but now it almost feels like homework to remember my responses. For the moment I will just link to a strange story about living in cemetaries, and a rather insightful piece about Leno vs Letterman (see the comments,too). And I will pontificate another time, perhaps.

2 Responses to “(good thing there’s rss…)”

  1. Dennis Osborne Says:

    I think a fun prank to perform at the cemetery with a karaoke bar, would be to substitute a demonic voice for the singer’s to project through the speakers. It would be easy to do with lyrics pre-written on the screen. I’ll bet that would give everyone goose bumps, especially the singer whose voice was transposed. I like to think he’d be running, while screaming, from the stage.

    Stephen King would be proud. And I should have been a preacher. I can see, now, how it would have been fun.

  2. Dennis Osborne Says:

    I think my mausoleum would be all the things I’ve had throughout life. I especially wonder about my old toys as a kid. Did any of them survive other than my ‘Smoky the Bear?’ I doubt it. Kids don’t play with what I did any longer. That old metal double decker parking garage I had could have survived, I suppose. Or the bikes, wagons, trucks, etc. They were built to last. But I’ll bet they’re now buried in a landfill as ghostly memories, now neglected. I wish I knew where to find them. I’d go dig them up, especially that old parking garage. But it could be a hundred feet under now.

    I think it odd how we so often don’t realize when it’s the last time. There was a day for each of our old abandoned toys when we played with them, just as we had many times before, not realizing it would be the last time we ever did. How many other things in life are that way? When we pick our child up off the floor to give a hug, do we realize it’s going to be the last time and that all hugs, thereafter, will be at ground level? How many friends fade away over a lifetime without any good-byes? Well, maybe fewer now, in this computer age. I think E-mail has greatly increased the odds of keeping in touch. Still, last times continue to be.

    I will say my grandmother had a unique method of permitting us to know when it was a last time. If we were wearing an old shirt that should be abandoned, she would say, “Come over here,” and rip it off our back. There was no doubt left about that one.

    I suspect every marital breakup had a passionate kiss wherein it was completely unknown something would creep into play thereafter and it would be the last such kiss, ever.

    Last times are weird that way. Somehow, it seems like we should know when it’s going to be the last time, doesn’t it?

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