things get lost

I wrote another post responding to some of the thoughts in the comments below, but somehow erased it.  Life goes on of course, and there are always fourteen new things to talk about anyway… But I was irritated – it always seems like it must have been something very interesting when you lose the piece of writing or can’t remember the thought you had right as you were drifting off to sleep.

 I do remember that in response to the discussion about sexism below I somehow got into the Obama/Clinton debate, specifically due to the data that Obama would have a better chance against McCain due to his lead in votes from men. Personally I don’t feel very strongly one way or the other between the two democratic contenders – I think they’re both good candidates, though I’m concerned that either of them may have a tough race against McCain. Once he gets the republican nomination, he can go back to pushing the moderate vision of himself, and people will begin to think “there’s no difference”…

What I really wonder is if Obama wins the democratic nomination, how he’ll come across in the main election. At this stage it feels to me as if everyone is projecting their own ideal onto him, and he’s basically letting everyone imagine he’s more moderate or more liberal or more religious or more secular, as they see fit. It seems to me that some portion of Obama supporters are going to be disappointed no matter what. But I guess if it’s a personality thing to start with perhaps the specific policies are less important. it just seems like some people will start to feel like his personality is “fake” if he turns out not to be as “progressive” or as “free market” or as “X” as they imagine he is.

2 Responses to “things get lost”

  1. Dennis Osborne Says:

    Sorry, I know how that feels to write something and lose it all. It’s a painful loss and sheer drudgery attempting to write it again. The fun is gone. And it never comes out sounding nearly so good if you try. Best move on, as you say. It’ll likely all come out again, in bits and pieces.

    I was in Vegas last month and the driver of my shuttle was Black. He was listening to an NPR call-in show rather than music and my sense was, he was inspired to learn. Hillary had been in town the day before and so the upcoming Nevada democratic primary election came up in our conversation. The driver clearly had a sense of pride related to O’bama’s success. It was driving him as much as he was driving me. And I kind of liked both.

    I was one of those torn between candidates, too. But if O’bama accomplishes nothing else but being elected, I’d say that’s really something. Not only will his presidency be inspirational to our own black citizens and kids but it’ll make us look much less racist to world observers, too. It’s been fashionable not to care what the world thinks. Well, I suspect that will be garbage out the window, too, when we again have some reason for pride.

    A friend of mine was telling me that Hillary and O’bama both appeared together to speak at the same dinner party in Wisconsin. Hillary accused that O’bama may speak some fine words but that’s not of importance. What’s important is being able to get things done, she insisted. O’bama followed and said, “Words aren’t important? So we hold these truths to be self-evident wasn’t important. Four score and seven years ago wasn’t important. Ask not what your country can do for you was not important. He threw in a few others, too, I don’t recall. “A day that will live in infamy,” may have been another. But the point is, O’bama has an appreciation for language that I think will be very refreshing. And he uses it in a non-scolding manner, something Hillary has yet to accomplish.

    O’bama hasn’t appeared strong in debates. But I don’t know if that’s all that important. I don’t think Bush prevailed over Gore or Kerry in their debates. Mondale kicked Reagan’s butt in their first debate, something even Reagan conceded. Lincoln, I don’t think, was as quick a thinker as Douglas in their groundbreaking senatorial debates. It doesn’t seem to matter. True, Douglas won that election. But four years later, they still remembered Lincoln.

    If O’bama just keeps getting out the message that McCain is a moderate in the same way Bush is and they both think much alike, that should do it. He should just keep asking, “Do you want more of the same? Vote for McCain. But if it’s change you demand, then I’m your man.”

    One potential attack I heard is that Republican talking heads are going to insist that O’bama wrote in his first book, he hates Whites. I haven’t read it. But I look forward to skimming through when I have a chance to see if I can find anything like that. Better yet, if someone else could beat me to it and let me know, that would be great, too.

    Am I alone in suspecting Republican talking heads got together to express they, as conservatives, couldn’t support McCain, as a strategy to win moderate votes for their man? You know they are going to support him, right? They’ll express great reticence. But they will vote for him in the end and encourage everyone else to do so, too. But they’ll claim to be holding their noses, hoping to bring in that moderate votes they so desperately need. I really don’t think Americans are going to buy it, though. If I can see through their ploy, I have to believe many others can, too.

  2. Jack Says:

    I figured out how to make President Bush look very bright, today. Here is the technique and scenario it was applied to. First our president would speak and then he would stop and wait for a person to speak in Polish before resuming again. Well here’s what you do. Reverse the roles. Make Bush into the translator. Just pretend he’s following and interpreting the Polish speaking person rather than vice versa.

    I found it worked great. I’ve never perceived Bush as being so bright. Sure, he sputtered a bit but then that would be expected for a person who was thinking in two languages. That Polish guy, whose speech Bush was translating, certainly sounded like a fool, though.

    Jack Cass

    Why I could never be a member of the press:

    Madame Press Secretary,

    Just prior to a couple of states permitting the marriage of gay people, Bush representatives had argued if gay people could ever marry, all heterosexual marriages would be made illegitimate. Now that they have, and, hence, according to Bush administration arguments, marriages are no more, was it a coincidence that shortly after this mass nullification, we began hearing of so many guys running about, who were said to be serving at the president’s pleasure?

    Jack Cass

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