Had to link this post about a right wing blog that supposedly reveals what conservatives are “really” thinking about race. I hope to Dog these guys are just being unfair and cynical, associating one nutball with a whole segment of the country, but… I am afraid I’m the naive one.

If this is how Obama goes down, then that speech really will be historic, not for how good it was exactly, but for how racist we must be if something so inoffensive would really turn the tide. This just makes me angry. I wasn’t particularly pro-Obama (not anti, just pro-whichever-dem) but this makes me really want to see him win, just for symbolic reasons. I know symbolic reasons aren’t the most important, and that Clinton has plenty of symbolism too, but this is disgraceful.

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  1. Dennis Says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I have no doubt black people hear that kind of talk from childhood on. I’m recalling that Vegas cab driver, again, I previously mentioned, and how he appeared to be lifted to a new level, for Obama’s good showing. I remember thinking, if Obama could win, it might really make a difference. Actually that article makes me feel less hopeful, though. People of the writer’s bent will simply put an elected black president into a separate category from other blacks, just as he did with Tiger Woods and Roberto Clemente.
    There is prejudice widespread. I don’t know. I guess people hope to elevate themselves by denigrating others. It’s likely why hell was created, so some could show their superiority by suggesting everyone outside their group was going to burn and not just for a moment but forever. Now that’s terrorism at its worst.

    I ran into a guy last week who expressed, “Look what we’re being offered. A woman, a Black, and an old man.” It was kind of like a doublemint commercial. Stop! They’re three. Three. Three prejudices in one.

    I fear such feelings are part of human nature. Often I’ve had friends who couldn’t stand certain individuals who I felt were just fine. I came to feel it’s not usually the most evil of us we generally show our hatred toward, but rather good people who have done no harm. Good people hating good is too often the case. And I suspect hidden prejudices, we’re unaware, are often to blame, including toward oneself, because I wonder if we don’t often hate those who remind us of ourselves.

    So many demons to sort through.

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