more beautiful birds

This series of photos includes some very nice shots of the Fenway hawk(s), and since I did that bird post the other day, I felt I couldn’t skip it. The hawks are so fat and cute when they’re perched! I just wanna squish ’em. But, then they’d claw me to death…

The coincidence of the girl’s name & age is really quite hilarious, too.

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One Response to “more beautiful birds”

  1. Barney Says:


    I have a contrary theory. I think people who are unable to laugh at themselves are they who cause economic downturns. Recessions may also be influenced by those who insult others, which I think you did me and all who work in my profession. I wear paint on my face, a funny nose, and raggy, baggy clothing. So if people laugh at a character I portray, are they really laughing at me or at a creation separate from myself? Have you considered that? Even if they did laugh at me, it would be at my direction by self-invitation. Isn’t that far better than humor I could attempt to engage in, where I would seek to make the crowd laugh at someone else, instead? That really would be rather like Dennis Miller kind of mocking humor, wouldn’t it?

    Charlie Chaplin may not have worn paint or a funny nose but he wasn’t really a hobo, was he? I mean in real life. Rather than being a cause of the depression, you might consider him prophetic because he was a hobo during the roaring twenties when the economy was going well. Somehow Chaplin anticipated the depression and played a role that many would be living for real, ten years later. How did he pull that one off? No one else saw it coming.

    Historically, it was often a king’s jester who was able to criticize and affect a leader more than anyone else because he used humor to disguise what otherwise would have been ill received. I would say that was an example of how a clown could turn mocking laughter toward himself to good advantage, especially if he was intelligent, witty, and could steer the king’s attention toward his people’s best interests.

    Sorry, Jack, but come on! Your theory stinks and you’re becoming a bore repeating it once too often. Any economic downturn of the moment is caused by too many sub-prime loans, high gas prices, lower incomes, and less equity to borrow against for spending money. Nothing more. And especially not clowns.

    If you were here before me, you’d be receiving a pie to the face about now. And that would be funny. See, as important as you think you are, I hardly think our laughter at your pie face would affect our nation’s economic pie charts.

    With that, I’d have to say, Jack, I’ve thoroughly defeated you, and would hope that any female observers would now be more turned in my direction than yours, henceforth. It was inevitable. You must know that. So Jack, I would suggest you just crawl under that blanket of yours, we’ll close the drawer, let you suffer your bird nightmares, and invite the ladies to look away, hopefully in my direction.

    I tell you, Jack, life is a joy, and especially, so, after I’ve thoroughly kicked your butt. Now that was funny, regardless of the cost. So let the depression begin. You know, I see a buildup of birds gathering about you, Mr. Cass. I don’t think they’re very happy about your taking a brethren’s place in a drawer intended for feathered ones, only. Could be they’re out for revenge.

    Sleep well tonight, my friend. Oh, and ladies, please don’t forget who got the better of who.

    Ha! Yes!

    Barney the Would-be Clown

    Important, Rushmc, I told you this is how guys do battle.

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