I’ve been sort of trying to stay off the internet, but, well, it’s not really working, plus, I can’t help sharing this… I have had a nest on my fire escape for a few weeks now. First I noticed one bird, which I guessed was a dove due to the cooing sound she made…

dove on my fire escape

Then I saw she had laid an egg in the nest…

And then there were two…

Knowing nothing about doves, I wondered if there were going to be more eggs, but it seemed like the mom was always perched on top of the nest. Anyway, it seems that two eggs is the norm for doves, and that the birds by my window were indeed doves…

Oh yeah, did I mention, they had become plural?

I’m sure they were both always around; it’s just they looked so similar that I didn’t realize it wasn’t always the same bird sitting on the nest – mom and dad were trading off. But I did see that one of them had a little scratch on his head so I could sort of tell which was which if I could see close enough.

Anyway. Finally, someone hatched:

The cutest little thing I have ever seen! Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but there is something so hard to resist about baby wildlife right on the windowsill. At first I was really worried because I could hardly get a look at one, let alone both, of the babies – it seemed like the mom was always sitting on top of them or something, and I thought something was wrong… But you could see them moving, almost as if they were kneading, and occasionally one would pop out and blink around a bit. I was kind of confused, but figured nature knew what it was doing at this point.

Of course I did get curious, so did a little research. I discovered that they do produce “crop’s milk” from glands under their feathers… amazing. – except it seems that although it’s produced underneath, they feed it to the babies mouth to mouth. However, I did find another person’s story of watching doves hatch, and apparently his basically lived underneath mom until they were big enough to fly, so I guess everything is normal. And though my doves are regularly eyed by a feline…

…there’s no way she’s getting out there.

  • PS: I don’t know why the vertical pics are showing up horizontal… they were fine in iPhoto & on facebook, and I even tried rotating them in the script… sorry!
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    2 Responses to “rebirth”

    1. Daisy Says:

      OMG!!!! Those birdies are just adorable. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    2. Chris C. Says:

      When I was in college, I had two morning doves make a nest on the little plant shelf I had erected outside my dorm window. I had been putting birdseed out there and then one day BOOM there was a nest. I mean, the nest was 12 inches from my arm when I sat at my desk (playing Tetris, probably). Weeks went by with the adult (two? I forget) just sitting there staring at me with that stupid look that only morning doves can do. Then one day I noticed that said adult was actually sitting on two VERY LARGE chicks. I mean, dope-slap big. A week or three later they had fledged. In a shoebox somewhere I have old-tech analog film photos of them …

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