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Stephen Colbert is not only funny, he’s often really smart, and his bit the other night, “the word: acid flashback“, was a great example of that insight. It’s been suggested that Obama could be our first Gen-X president, and that could make a real difference in how we deal with things because we won’t necessarily feel the same ties to the same sides any longer.

Sure, we live in a country that is founded on a two-party system, but the fact is that too many people inherit or adopt a “side” – the “red” or “blue” playlist – according to what their family or community brought them up believing. But some disagreements are not that enormous, and there are things that probably can be worked out to everyone’s benefit by common sense and transparent goals.

I found this blog entry interesting as well, by a conservative who is planning to vote Obama/Biden simply because Obama is more inspiring and in the end, that capacity to bring the country together is more important than the particular policy initiatives. I’ve always felt a little ambivalent about the power of rhetoric in leaders, but it’s important to remember it isn’t always a negative force – we can be inspired toward good things, not just manipulated, by words.

ANYway. The RNC doesn’t seem to be bothering tonight, ostensibly due to Gustav, though that seems like a somewhat weak excuse… It does feel as if the Republicans are imploding a little bit, but I don’t want to jump to conclusions when Palin has only been around a couple days. Online, things don’t look good, but with two months to go, I can still imagine everything feeling quite different after some time passes.

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