I’m so hesitant to believe what the internet tells me, but even Peggy Noonan thinks this is bullshit. Even Joe Lieberman, once his speech was over and there was no teleprompter there to help, couldn’t hide his true feelings about Palin (and he should’ve just kept the VP pick out of the speech since it just made the whole thing look like a farce – or as N. said, that he was just vying for a spot as “Secretary of Ass-Kissing” in the next administration).

So, I’ll be interested to see how her speech comes off tonight, though I’ll probably only be listening on the radio (though I can always see if there’s a youtube clip later). It feels hard to believe this is a hole the repubs could dig themselves out of, but I do have to remember that a high percentage of people do not give a shit about crazy stories on the internet (or the radio or the tv). I bet a lot of Americans have only vaguely even heard about a lot of these things, and their impressions can still be altered.

Also, we haven’t been seeing a whole lot of Obama, but he’s gonna start getting jumped on too, which there was a little of at the convention yesterday, but it’ll get much worse…

Okay, more after speeches tonight.

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