RNC, day 2, specifics

There were a lot of speakers. Mitt Romney was a total nutjob, implying that the current administration is a bunch of liberals, that even the current Supreme Court is just some commies, and that’s why we need John McCain to get in there and straighten things out. WTF, Mitt?

Huckabee was standard enough until he told a creepy story about a crazy teacher who wouldn’t give her students desks until they “earned” them, but wouldn’t reveal how they could earn them. They had to guess all day, and finally at the end of the day she told them the answer: they couldn’t earn them; only a soldier can earn a desk. And so soldiers brought desks in for all the kids. WTF, Huck? (I mean, if you take it metaphorically, it’s just dumb & exploitative, but, you know, if you take it literally, and you are a believer in the second amendment there, you just told those kids to get their rifles out and earn their fuckin’ property like real cowboys! Effed UP.)

Giuliani compared McCain and Obama as if they were job applicants, and basically listed McCain’s credentials as having been tortured, and then began listing Obama’s credentials, but when he got to “community organizer”, everyone started cracking up, as if this was obviously such a ridiculous thing to have on a resume, and the crowd was already chanting “zero! zero!” from what was said during an earlier speech (WTF Rudy?).

Sarah Palin was the final speaker of the night, and I think she did what she was trying to do. It was a strange dynamic to me, since she really was quite antagonistic in a lot of ways, but because she was a pretty lady, it was the sort of thing people will probably call “tough” or “feisty” rather than harsh or unnecessarily mean, or even bitchy (because she looks feminine – bitchy women probably wear pantsuits and have short hair).

The speech started with introducing her family, managing to say one line about how there are trials within every family and we all know how hard it can be, or something like that, which seemed like a reference to the controversy about her daughter. This part seemed practically like a first lady type speech. Then she compared herself to Harry Truman and distanced herself from career politicians, though she said some things in this part which have been noted as false online. For instance, she used the “thanks but no thanks” line about the bridge to nowhere again, and I couldn’t help wondering if she was hoping she could spin that as having meant “thanks and then no thanks”, since that was really closer to her position…

The meat of the speech was where she tried to tie together evidence of her knowledge of foreign affairs with her experience of energy policy in Alaska by talking about what America should do about oil and gas, and what she had done as Governor. While I think she came off sounding like she had a clue, it’ll be interesting to see how she handles those kinds of questions when there isn’t a prepared script. (Although after Reagan & Bush II, the public has already shown they don’t mind presidents who usually need scripts…)

Well, clearly I should stop worrying about this every day, as I will just suffer the daily ups and downs, and it is simply not going to be clear until much nearer the election. I -think- that the RNC was an echo chamber which most of the country wouldn’t jump in to, but that doesn’t mean McCain doesn’t have a very real chance. People don’t have to be dancing to think, hm, that might be true, and some of those speeches hit points which I think will resonate – there was a lot of talk about “good change vs bad change” and “substance vs style”, and these are things that have been weaknesses for Obama from the start among some portion of the voting population. It’s “straight talk” vs “eloquent oration” and what do Americans go for?

If they’re convinced by the energy policy, the war strategy or the tax plan on top of that, then we’re really in trouble.

Oh yeah, plus there is still the hidden race card.

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