RNC, day 2

The difficult thing with guessing how these things’ll go is getting out of echo chambers. Online, reading Huffington and Slate, looking at the constant barrage of new stories about everything going wrong for the McCain campaign, it’s hard to imagine Palin looking good. Watching her at the GOP convention, it looks like everyone loves her. So the question is how things will look once these different worlds start to blend together, once everyone’s out there together on the trail and we see Palin dealing with real people, but we see Obama dealing with off the cuff questions too. I knew from the start this wasn’t going to be an easy race, and I think Sarah Palin can probably keep shit together well enough to not be an upset, and she’s definitely been an attention getting, energizing force… But it is still sort of a weird ticket; the dems just seem to have things together better this time.

The RNC was a lot more enthusiastic tonight than last night, and the chants on the floor revealed a fair amount about what was important to the people there.

After Michael Steele said the line “Drill, baby, drill, and drill now!” about offshore drilling, “drill, drill, drill!” or “drill, baby, drill” became a popular chant anytime energy issues came up.

Attacks against Barack Obama were a lot more direct, and often were focused on experience, something many people thought would be given up now that the chosen VP candidate has so little experience. But the RNC turned that around to a question of who has “executive” experience, and the chant was “zero! zero!” regarding not just Obama but Biden as well, whereas even Palin’s running the small town of Wasilla was repeatedly suggested to be a position of greater authority than any legislative positions the democratic ticket have held.

The other theme that seemed to be pounded home was about military judgment. The main point was the war: that Obama wants to pull out whereas McCain proposed the once unpopular surge, and, they claim, it is working, and if they get into office, they’ll be able to win this war on terror instead of forfeiting like that pussy Obama. The chant that tended to go along with that was just “USA! USA! USA!” as far as I could tell…

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