the Nader gap?

Well, the polls are showing that Obama’s lead is shrinking: it was 49 to 42, then 48 to 44, and now it is down to just 47 to 45. But the astute voter notices that those numbers don’t add up to 100. We’ve got 91, then 92, then 92. So there is 8 or 9 percent going somewhere else. Maybe it’s undecided, maybe it’s Bob Barr – surely it can’t be the guy who ruined Al Gore’s election?

Ok, it’s true that the gallup site says “other” or “undecided” rather than anybody’s name. But according to the Time/CNN poll, Nader is getting 8% in some states, or close to it, including some swing states.

I know I mentioned this below, but I thought it deserved its own post since the numbers are getting so close, and Ralph could make the difference…

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2 Responses to “the Nader gap?”

  1. dodzi Says:

    I used to be an Obama fan, until I researched him thoroughly enough. This guy represents anything but change!

    If I were American, I’d vote Nader.

    I’d rather vote with my conscious clear, vote for what I believe in rather than vote like a politician, for the least worse…

  2. drinkme Says:

    Well, I don’t consider myself an “obama fan” – I was equally happy with obama or hillary winning the primary, and I am not looking for “change” on that Nader / 3rd party scale.

    I just want smart people with good judgment to be appointing supreme court judges, passing bills into law, deciding whether and to what extent we go to war [I realize technically congress is meant to do this, but the executive branch has been getting around that for decades], and deciding how to spend our money.

    Voting “with your conscious clear” is just a protest vote – a way to say, “I hate politics”. It isn’t a real vote within the system as it stands. Because the thing is, if we are going to have one person in charge of making these decisions, then a majority of people are going to have to agree on them, and that means we will have to compromise – a majority of the voting population is just not going to agree to that extent. Bill Clinton wasn’t perfect – but was he better than GHW Bush? You betchyer ass. Al Gore would certainly not have been perfect, but would he have been better than Bush Jr? I think so.

    Politics isn’t about voting for your individually personally ideal candidate. It’s about talking to your neighbor and finding someone everyone can agree on to a reasonable extent. Obama is the candidate that the Dem party has put up as most likely to appeal to the broad crowd, and McCain is who the Repubs are hoping to do that with. The Repubs are good at voting pragmatically – many on their side know how to hold their nose and just vote for their guy. But dems are often young idealistic kids who think the point is to be in love. It’s not. The point of democracy is to work together, to find common ground – to COMPROMISE. Obama is not perfect. He’s just this guy. He is another politician, like the rest of them. He has some good ideas, he has made mistakes, but all in all, he is a much better choice than McCain/Palin..

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