Electoral college

By electoral college numbers, which is the way it really matters in this country, it looks like Obama was actually doing worse last week than this – though only very slightly, and things were, still are, getting pretty close. I guess the visual graph makes everything look a lot more dramatic than it really is, as probably not too many states have to flip for that many delegates to switch, and obviously a number of them have been close the whole time. New York, where I am, is one of four (and a district) “solid Obama” (+15% or more) states. (The district always goes dem, doesn’t it? Even Mondale got the district.) So I can’t help remembering that Spalding Gray line about being on an island off the coast of America… I know it’s not really true, that most states are consistent enough not to really come into contention and only those dozen or so swingish states will decide things, but I feel like with this election it’s hard to be sure of anything…

Here are some more graphs.

On the electoral college itself, here is a decent breakdown of arguments for and against. If we are one country, finally, this does mean people in less populated states have higher weighted votes than those in heavily populated areas. But then, we’re not going to redo the senate…

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