After finding those electoral college sites, I started to read some of their blogs, which for some reason seemed to mostly lean right. That, combined with some floor interviews from the daily show the other night – yeah, I realize they’re just cuts to provide a little entertainment, but they’re still revealing – have got me feeling a bit down about democracy (I know we live in a republic, whatever). These numbers claim that Palin is more popular than Biden, or Obama for that matter (or McCain, even). Probably just ’cause she’s pretty… There was even someone in the daily show interview who said something along the lines of, ‘she makes me feel like anyone could be president!’ As if that is what we’re looking for in a leader…

One of those blogs went on about how great her joke, “what’s the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? lipstick” was, which also bothered me. I mean, not only is it unfair to pit bulls :), but really it is basically saying, “I’m viciously attacking for no good reason while wearing a fake smile” and everyone responds by saying “yay, yah, yay, oh how great! woo.” What is wrong with people?

I feel like too often people just forget the point of government. If you were voting for her to run your company, would you be so excited? The point of government is to try to make our mutual lives more fair and well-run. We don’t want attack dogs who can read teleprompters and smirk. We want smart, sensible people who can work out decent solutions for real problems.

The latest numbers are the highest yet for McCain, even including the last time he got ahead of Obama, back in August when he hit 46 and Obama was at 43 or 44. This time, he hit 48, and Obama is at 45. So together they have 93% of the vote instead of just 89 or 90…

This is another good map to keep track of the states on.

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5 Responses to “Depressed…”

  1. rushmc Says:

    You’re just NOW feeling down on American democracy? Where have you been since 2000?! People don’t want (or understand the concept of) statesmen and civil servants…too boring, too complex. We’ve been conditioned to the culture of celebrity, and I think professional wrestling is a good analogue here. We want the most entertaining freaks to dance for us. Sell us an image and you’re set. Almost half the population thinks the big sky meanie is going to burn the earth in their lifetimes, and half the rest think that people are so greedy and incompetent that good government is naught but a pipe dream anyway—so why strive for it?

    Look at the economy (the fundamentals). Look at the “culture war.” Look at the deteriorating infrastructure (while most other functional nations are building theirs for the future). Look at the rapacious robber baron politics. Look at the education system, which can’t teach science in a world utterly dependent upon it. Look at the disappearing middle class (the historic foundation of our society and relative wealth). Look at the war-and-violence culture, and at how much of our wealth is based on arms selling. Look at the utter lack of justice in the “justice” system. Look at the increasing surveillance by both the government and corporate entities. The rapidly increasing brutality and militarization of civilian police forces.

    Look at the apathy with which the majority accepts all of the above.

    I honestly think there’s no recovery from where we are, Obama or no Obama. No political entity stays on top forever…they tend to self-destruct. I think we’re seeing that here. It’s sickening because it seems so unnecessary, but I guess human nature will out.

    (Sorry if I depressed you even more.)

    (P.S. I for one don’t find Palin the least bit pretty. Not even physically.)

  2. drinkme Says:

    heh. yeah, well, it’s ups and downs, somehow. I was in denial for a while there, forgetting it mattered, or believing it didn’t or something, and now somehow I’ve got sucked back in. I’m sure it’ll pass, eventually, Obama or no Obama as you say. (I’ve been stuck in academia, you know, & not remembering who makes these choices for the country over all.)

  3. rushmc Says:

    I believe you’re in NYC, too, no? Not exactly representative (yes, I’m envious).

  4. drinkme Says:

    yeah, I often forget until around elections how little NYC represents the country. Where are you?

  5. rushmc Says:

    Splitting my time between upstate NY and AZ these days, AZ being much more right-wing (particularly out in the boonies where I am). I’m really hoping McCain manages to lose AZ…

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