This guy is a perfect example of how people just seem so clueless about the abortion issue. It really drives me crazy, because it seems like it should be so simple to explain:

Joe Biden BELIEVES that life begins at conception. As a matter of FAITH. However he does not KNOW this as a FACT. Therefore, he does not consider it just to make it a law, that everyone must follow, that we treat all embryos as if they are human life. He respects that some of us do not believe the same things as he does! He probably also believes in Jesus Christ, but he doesn’t want to make it a law that we all have to believe in jesus. Many people are “pro-life” about their OWN abortion but “pro-choice” about the LAW, because they don’t think it’s right to dictate other people’s religious or moral values, especially when it has such huge consequences on their life.

Or how about this: if a vegetarian believes that killing animals for food is ethically wrong, should he be able to make that a law that everyone has to follow? Or is it enough for him to just be able to personally choose to not eat meat? It’s possible to not eat meat yourself without harassing those around you to make the same choice. You can share your opinions and thoughts with your friends, of course, especially if they want your advice, but you don’t have to have the police handcuff them if they disagree.

The point is that you have to trust your fellow human beings to have a conscience, and to take responsibility for the choices and actions that their life is comprised of. But you cannot force them to follow the same path as you. It is entirely possible that the way they understand the world simply leads them to a different understanding of matters, and they honestly do not have a difficulty discarding the teeny-tiny potentiality that is an early-stage embryo. For a secular-ish type person, comparing this to a murder is like comparing chopping down a majestic oak tree to digging up a barely sprouted acorn. It’s not the same.

Slate explores how the contemporary GOP has lost touch with the original family values that supposedly led to the absolute anti-abortion stance, by holding so fast to the absolute stance and not the values themselves…

Also, here’s a look at the so-called “feminists for life” contingent…

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4 Responses to “pro-choice”

  1. rushmc Says:

    >>The point is that you have to trust your fellow human being

    Okay, you lost me there…

  2. drinkme Says:

    well, on these choices that don’t affect citizens, you “trust” them to handle their own affairs. As long as animals and fetuses aren’t going to be given social security numbers, it’s a different standard of trust we’re talking about than that placed in the hands of police officers or soldiers or those who affect real citizens.

  3. rushmc Says:

    >>you “trust” them to handle their own affairs

    Can we agree to trust them to mishandle them? I could agree to that…

  4. drinkme Says:

    heh. I guess AZ must be getting pretty depressing :).

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