secessionist sarah…

Supposedly there is video evidence, though it may not be any more damning than the level of involvement Obama had with Reverend Wright. Still, this is pretty distinctly anti-patriotic, on a specifically political level, i.e., we would like to take our oil and go home, and the members say things about the US government that would be disturbing if you took it seriously…

But people will ultimately vote with their gut feelings. Or rather, you have two types of voters – there’s the decided voter, who will vote their platform, and as usual, what will matter most about them is who actually votes. The people who just find a reason not to bother getting to the voting booth at all make history here… So being enthusiastic about a candidate makes a difference, because if you kinda feel like, well, I want better schools, but, eh, I dunno about that Obama guy, then maybe you somehow can’t be bothered to stand in line after a long day at work, vs the version where you are so psyched about the possibility of his being the president that 10 minutes waiting down at the local gym is a chance for you to revel in your pride as a citizen and how much you love doing your civic duty.

The other voter is the undecided voter. They may decide before the election, but if they’re undecided at this point, they could change their mind right up until the last minute. This voter is not going on platform. This voter is not choosing the candidate based on the party’s plan for improving things. Instead, this voter is choosing a personality. Maybe even a face, or a strong, tall figure.

This is not to say that personality or even body is irrelevant to the presidency. We certainly couldn’t just have the citizens vote on platforms. We need to choose a real person, an active mind, to be, as GWB put it, “the decider” at the helm of our government, and we have to find someone who is thoughtful, trustworthy, quick to understand the complexities of a difficult situation, and able to work toward the best solutions.

However, one hopes that if you consider someone to have the sort of judgement you would want in the highest office, you would at least agree with some of the conclusions they tend to reach, such as those laid out in the party platform. Presumably for the undecided voter, neither platform is fully acceptable even if parts of each are (fiscally conservative, socially liberal, sort of thing) so they really are stuck having to work out who would be better in a crisis or something.

Oh, the whole thing does start to seem quite ridiculous … the whole illusion of democracy we live within is just so… cute. NY Mag had an interesting piece about how things look since Palin, if you can bear to read more on it. Only 8 more weeks.

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