daily shifts

538’s update today says more about some of those points from the other day, that Obama may be coming back stronger post-RNC bounce, post Palin-fascination (also check out: anti-Palin rally; talk radio response), and now with the economy clearly being taken more seriously as an issue.

This article claims that McCain is actually right about the “fundamentals” of the economy (before he changed his mind, anyway, or decided the fundamentals just meant “people” or something) but that it doesn’t matter: Bush was right, too, that the economy was back on the upswing in 1992 but Clinton still won by “feeling your pain”.

Of course, it seems hard to know with certainty that the economy was on the upswing just because we’d had a couple good quarters before Clinton came into office… isn’t it possible the president has some impact on what happens next? I suppose I shouldn’t pretend to understand economics, so I’ll leave it there for now.

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