I can run for president now…

It’s my 35th birthday today, so I’m technically eligible. Not that I’d ever be remotely interested, even if I’m apparently almost as qualified as some of the people in the pool these days :).

Numbers not changing too much, though over here things are looking better for Obama…

Speaking of whom, one of those head-shaking articles that just feels like, ah geez… it’s like he’s only just figuring out why politicians do politics the way they do. Oh, and last week, I went to a pretty cool lecture that sort of psychoanalyzed Obama (*I should be clear that I certainly don’t imagine Barack any sort of perfect candidate, just the better option, and I do think it’s better to use a vote than to protest vote etcetc but again it doesn’t even really matter in my state, one of the few solidly D*)

Aaanyway. What about this bail out crap, huh? No one seems to know how to respond at this point; people on the left and the right are both coming down hard against it, but there are also people on both sides of the aisle saying it’s the only thing to do at this point. And who’s to blame? That also seems unclear. Even the original question of regulation is kind of a mess, since defining what exactly is meant by regulation is not as simple as it may sound… much of what was considered government “regulation” in this case was really inter-banking agreements, since the government has decreed that there has to be so much “transparency” – but that very transparency means that the government isn’t setting limits, it’s telling institutions that they have to tell each other what limits they are willing to work with… There is no external overseer keeping things in check at this stage.

The sad thing is that no one will learn anything from this – everyone will claim “it would’ve worked out” if some other solution had been followed. Of course, probably no one would have learned anything in any case: whatever happens, people always find a way to interpret events to match the story they want to see.

Also: This is a nice piece on teaching philosophy, along the lines of how I’d like to, tho’ so far I’ve only been an adjunct, where it’s hard to create anything of a community or presence…

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4 Responses to “I can run for president now…”

  1. peacay Says:

    Many happy returns Miranda. If you ever emigrate and run for office, you’ll have my vote!

  2. drinkme Says:

    well, back atcha…

  3. rushmc Says:

    Happy 35th!

  4. peacay Says:

    Ha! Touché.

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