rumors, impressions

This claims that rape kit rumor has been debunked, and points out that journalists have been really unreliable in this election cycle… Unfortunately it’s unclear how reliable they’ve been all along, but it’s the bloggers who debunk, because there’s enough of them that at least a few care about the accusations being made, and look into them, and since information is so readily available these days, the truth can be found…

Perhaps the trouble is just that there is so much information in every direction that journalists don’t have time to investigate every single rumor that crops up – I just heard on the radio someone who had looked into this same story and couldn’t come up with a definitive answer on it, though he came up with nothing to support the rumor (seems pretty debunked, actually, since she’s denied it, but he left it at “unknown” – which honestly seems unfair, like “who can say if he’s a muslim”…)

(I watched All the President’s Men on an airplane a month or so ago, and couldn’t help comparing how different research was at the time, and how innocent it seemed to be – reporters always honestly calling and stating they were reporters and asking for statements, and writing things down, all very straightforward. I’m sure in order to get the quotes they had to say who they were, but it really struck me as a whole ‘nother world)

Regarding McCain’s break from debates and so on, as Brian Lehrer pointed out this morning, in a supposed attempt to get away from partisan politics and the presidential race so that real work could be done, McCain only increased attention on partisan politics and the presidential race, by bringing it with him to Washington. He could have let Congress work on the bill in peace, but by focusing attention on it, making the time it gets finished symbolic for both democrats and republicans, there’s now a whole lot of silliness focused on it what wouldn’t otherwise be a deadline (well, not to the same degree, anyway). He’s not helping the situation, and clearly could have provided his input from the road… But this may still give the impression to some americans that he is hard at work while Obama is off campaigning. I hope that isn’t the outcome, but it isn’t the details that get remembered.

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3 Responses to “rumors, impressions”

  1. rushmc Says:

    >>seems pretty debunked, actually, since she’s denied it

    I trust you’re not suggesting that a politician’s denial is sufficient to debunk anything??

    On the McCain thing:

  2. drinkme Says:

    i just meant, if there’s nothing to support it and she denies it outright, then it’s a bit unfair to keep letting the rumor go around as a “well, who can say for sure?” – seems rather like the “maybe he’s a muslim” thing at that stage.

    If the politician refuses to comment but you can’t get any hard evidence, or if you have evidence but the politician denies it, then perhaps there is something there. But when you have both straight denial and no evidence, what’s keeping the story alive except people who just don’t like the politician in question?

  3. drinkme Says:

    sorry your comment got lost in the spam queue ’til today 🙂 – I should check that more regularly…

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