debate #2

I found the debate last night pretty boring. It seemed like pretty much standard talking points the whole way through, and even when questions were mildly interesting, the candidates managed to ignore them and just deliver their stump speeches, which if you’ve been paying any attention, you’ve heard a hundred times already.

I was surprised this morning to find that a bunch of people found Obama’s answer to the question on health care to be one of the best parts because that was one part that I found extremely irritating, since I actually thought the question was interesting and he skipped it to give his standard spiel. The question was about whether it’s okay for health care to be a commodity but he didn’t even acknowledge that he was going to ignore it or anything, just went into robot mode and described his health care plan (which of course still allows health care to be a commodity, not to say that’s wrong, but he never took up that aspect of the question – do we want competition or security & care in our health care – it’s a tough area, really…)

Basically, what came across to me is that undecideds are just people who don’t care about the election. This has been going on two years already; if you don’t already know Obama’s health care plan, you obviously don’t care about the election. This should be a time when we get to ask about details, like, for instance, why have a commodity based health care plan instead of one like Clinton proposed that was government backed? That could have been an interesting discussion about how industry affects medicine, treatment, preventative care; about if government slows things down and gets red tape in the way; about where in the scheme of infrastructure health care belongs. But Americans are just too stupid for that high level of a debate. Instead, it was back to a talking point he’s been repeating since 2006, a little spiel about “this is what I’d do”, and on to the next one.

For me, this is like Al Gore vs. Bob Dole. How can either of them win? I mean, yeah, I’ll take Al Gore and I’m pretty sure America will too but god is it boring to watch. I liked Tom Brokaw’s little slip-up, “If either of you win the presidency…”

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4 Responses to “debate #2”

  1. rushmc Says:

    What I noticed in this debate is what a braggart McCain is. And an authoritarian.

    Constantly, he insisted that he “knew how to” take care of everything, and that we should just “trust him.” No details, no plans, no substance. I didn’t know it was possible to brag about oneself without mentioning specific accomplishments, but he managed time and again.

    After Bush, why would anyone trust a politician (particularly a Republican) who wants to bully you into voting for him through repeated unsupported assertion?

  2. liberty Says:

    Indeed. I really wish it was like a real debate, instead of all talking points – but we sure are naive to keep waiting for that… and I agree about that slip up, I had a slightly different moment, during the first debate, the moderator said casually, “one of you two men will be the President in January,” and my heart fell through the stomach. I really hadn’t taken that in quite yet. Damn, we’re in trouble.

  3. rushmc Says:

    Because we’ve been doing so well for the past 8 years with the worst president in our history?

  4. drinkme Says:

    just to be clear, I’m not saying the same thing as liberty…

    I just thought the debate was boring because neither deviated from the script. I grudgingly voted for Al Gore (I think… now that I think about it I know I was considering a third party vote that year because of living in a solidly dem state… I know I voted Kerry in 04 but I might have gone green in 00) and would surely have preferred him to what we ended up with.

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