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it’s been a while

August 18, 2009

This blog is stirring, momentarily, to link to something I wrote on Revolving Floor. Terrible, since some portion of the people who are reading this probably only came here because they clicked on the link from the bio of that page. But there may be a few people with RSS feeds who have forgotten about me, and will shrug and go take a look, so. I figured it was worth figuring out what my password was to give it a try.

Maybe now that I’ve stretched my legs and seen that the system still works, I’ll make an effort to be a little more active in the future…

Also, as the wicked witch so rightly notes, the Floor’s a site full of exciting stuff to read and comment on, so, go click around and respond to stuff obsessively. No, seriously, there are a lot of interesting pieces. Anyway, it’s not like you’re getting any work done or anything.


david foster wallace

September 14, 2008

Apparently he hanged himself. Reading this made me cry. I have had trouble eating this morning, and it’s even possible I am premenstrual so we can blame this on various physical weaknesses, but nonetheless, I … This is really hard for me.

I feel like this is my Nirvana moment, the way my musician friends felt when Kurt Cobain killed himself. For me, that was sad, but nirvana wasn’t really my thing anyway… But I remember stopping by the guitar shop where my friend Jason worked that day, and seeing him near tears. DFW isn’t so much one of my favorite authors as just a voice of a generation, one of the original definers of the meta-ironic overly-self-conscious intellectually wittily effusive, that others have tried to copy but few have really achieved.

God. Maybe I’ll try to clarify what I’m thinking later… [1]

[1] RIP

testing wiki

September 6, 2008

This blog entry discusses a paper about testing the reliancy of wikipedia, with results remind you of the weaknesses of everyone’s favorite cheat sheet. Of course, if it isn’t being purposefully duped, then it’s only clueless people who think they know enough to write entries that get in the way. But if two thirds of the author’s erroneous claims could last 48 hours, then at any given time a clueless entry may be up… Though really, I just like the blog entry for his cute “fibs about philosophers”.

something different

September 4, 2008

Just to get off this godawful political crap, I’ll note that Leiter says that it’s Metaphysical Awareness Month. I also couldn’t help notice that it’s National Potato month (aaugh that made me want to say “not potatoe!” what is wrong with me…) and Children’s Good Manners Month. So eat your fries with your mouth closed while contemplating how they will be subsumed into your Form. happy september.

hyperbolic crochet coral reef

April 8, 2008

Well, this is a fascinating intersection of art and science, as well as an intriguing crosspoint between math and a typically female – for whatever reason – craft.

One can’t help wonder if the sort of second-rated, “girlyness” of an activity like knitting is simply due to sexism, as it seems clear on balance that it is as productive, as mathematical, as creative and as useful as something like carpentry, and yet carpentry is seen as a proper skill, while fabric arts are often seen as silly little hobbies. We need the blanket as much as the bedframe, the direct protection of clothing as much as the removed protection of walls, the flexible utility of cloth as much as the rigid (in this comparison – I realize it is quite flexible when compared with steel, eg) utility of wood. But we think of fabric as secondary and perhaps even in a way less real – a philosopher uses the tabletop to demonstrate the idea of common sense empiricism, not a scarf or a pair of socks.

another self

March 4, 2008

For some┬áreason I thought of Abigail & Brittany Hensel today – it just occurred to me that they must be getting near the age of graduating high school, so I wondered what their life was like these days. I found a video on youtube about their 16th birthday, when they got a driver’s license, in which the subject of dating is at least mentioned, but primarily it’s made clear the girls don’t want too much attention. The comments about the video range from the beautiful to the depressing… Personally I find their case amazing. I’m fascinated by what it means for the relation of mind & body, as I think I said the last time I posted about this (which may have been years ago on another site, I don’t remember) and I’m also just impressed with their own attitude and way of living. So many teenagers with much less difficult scenarios (like, uh, me, once upon a time) spend years moping around feeling sorry for themselves; these girls take on something which has got to be enormously complicated on some occasions and just do not get caught up in worrying over the tough parts.

Watching these documentaries just makes me really happy. This is so interesting, and they are so cool. It’s stuff like the way they move their hands together & finish each other’s sentences (see around halfway through this video, when they’re discussing how they love turning up the bass when they drive, e.g. – the way they clap their hands over one face or the other seemingly unconsciously) that really fascinates me. It makes it so clear how the body is intelligence, how it’s not a rational mind driving around a body…

more youtubery

September 10, 2007

The Beeb does Nietzsche, as well as Heidegger, and Sartre… Whether they do a good job or not is another question, but it’s still kind of impressive that they have TV programs about philosophers.

This and this on Rorty and American pragmatism, are pretty interesting, though.