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John McCain

October 6, 2008

Having spent a leeetle too much time of late getting stuck on that Ms. Palin there, dontcha know, I have not been thinking much about the top of the ticket, and as someone in the comments noted recently, perhaps he’s really the most worrying part… Rolling Stone on John McCain sure makes it seem that way, anyway. Sure, biased liberal media, blah blah, but if this is even partly accurate, this is not someone we can afford to have in office.

Although, it is quite depressing to think how beloved he is by so many members of the senate, including Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, and by most of the media, at least until recently… though that reminds me a bit of that article a while back by a liberal journalist who had a blast hanging out with G W Bush, and the importance of keeping in mind that in many situations, for many people, someone can be a lot of fun, a really nice guy, but not a good choice for an office of responsibility and power. Human beings do a lot of compartmentalizing.


ok, media, just stop predicting.

October 3, 2008

Apparently the first poll says Biden won the debate 51 to 36. They thought Palin was more likable (54 to 36), but Biden was more capable (87% thought Biden was qualified to be president, while only 42% thought so of Palin, after watching the debate). So maybe the public is less easily fooled than the pundits expect…

pre debate thoughts: Sarah Palin

October 2, 2008

This video about Sarah Palin claims that as a mayor she was hard-lined against LGBT rights, banning books, and supporting “reparation” therapy.

On the other hand, at the end of it, someone compares her to Dick Cheney, who has an openly lesbian daughter he’s on good terms with, so that makes me start to question the entire thing. I am frustrated that Cheney is a hypocrite about his private life and his public political stance on gay issues, but he isn’t making it an important aspect of any campaigns to snuff out gay rights or something either. So is the fear about Palin meant to be that she just won’t do anything to support gay rights legislation, or that she would actually attempt to implement an anti-gay agenda?

BBC provides a nice gaffe breakdown of both Biden and Palin – not exhaustive, of course – how could it be, really? – but gives you a sense of tone of their respective blunders if you haven’t been paying attention. But really, it seems as if in a live situation, Palin fares much worse (video compares Supreme Court knowledge)… even if Biden doesn’t always get his facts right, or says something dumb, he rolls along as if it made sense, whereas Palin has that Miss Teen USA problem of just running into words that just stopping fitting together at all at a certain point… She desperately tries to use broad generalities to overcome the fact that hasn’t got an answer, but not being able to get the generalities in place properly, they just get randomly dropped in as complete non-sequiturs.

Of course, she’s been practicing all week. It cannot possibly go as badly as it seems like it will. Which is what they’re both counting on… they’ll have a boring debate and no one will fuck up and we’ll all say, huh, she’s not that stupid / he’s not that offensive, and life will return to normal.

But just one slip on either side will look so much larger than it really is. Saying “what (whoever) doesn’t understand” would be inadmissable for Joe Biden, even though it was McCain’s favorite line. Mispronouncing “Ahmadinejad” would probably have been a whole scandal for Palin, but it was just a sort of silly moment for McCain (though now I have to get all conspiracyish and wonder if he did that on purpose so when she fucks up on some pronunciation thing he can act like the press is being all unfair…)

well. more later.

secessionist sarah…

September 9, 2008

Supposedly there is video evidence, though it may not be any more damning than the level of involvement Obama had with Reverend Wright. Still, this is pretty distinctly anti-patriotic, on a specifically political level, i.e., we would like to take our oil and go home, and the members say things about the US government that would be disturbing if you took it seriously…

But people will ultimately vote with their gut feelings. Or rather, you have two types of voters – there’s the decided voter, who will vote their platform, and as usual, what will matter most about them is who actually votes. The people who just find a reason not to bother getting to the voting booth at all make history here… So being enthusiastic about a candidate makes a difference, because if you kinda feel like, well, I want better schools, but, eh, I dunno about that Obama guy, then maybe you somehow can’t be bothered to stand in line after a long day at work, vs the version where you are so psyched about the possibility of his being the president that 10 minutes waiting down at the local gym is a chance for you to revel in your pride as a citizen and how much you love doing your civic duty.

The other voter is the undecided voter. They may decide before the election, but if they’re undecided at this point, they could change their mind right up until the last minute. This voter is not going on platform. This voter is not choosing the candidate based on the party’s plan for improving things. Instead, this voter is choosing a personality. Maybe even a face, or a strong, tall figure.

This is not to say that personality or even body is irrelevant to the presidency. We certainly couldn’t just have the citizens vote on platforms. We need to choose a real person, an active mind, to be, as GWB put it, “the decider” at the helm of our government, and we have to find someone who is thoughtful, trustworthy, quick to understand the complexities of a difficult situation, and able to work toward the best solutions.

However, one hopes that if you consider someone to have the sort of judgement you would want in the highest office, you would at least agree with some of the conclusions they tend to reach, such as those laid out in the party platform. Presumably for the undecided voter, neither platform is fully acceptable even if parts of each are (fiscally conservative, socially liberal, sort of thing) so they really are stuck having to work out who would be better in a crisis or something.

Oh, the whole thing does start to seem quite ridiculous … the whole illusion of democracy we live within is just so… cute. NY Mag had an interesting piece about how things look since Palin, if you can bear to read more on it. Only 8 more weeks.


September 8, 2008

This guy is a perfect example of how people just seem so clueless about the abortion issue. It really drives me crazy, because it seems like it should be so simple to explain:

Joe Biden BELIEVES that life begins at conception. As a matter of FAITH. However he does not KNOW this as a FACT. Therefore, he does not consider it just to make it a law, that everyone must follow, that we treat all embryos as if they are human life. He respects that some of us do not believe the same things as he does! He probably also believes in Jesus Christ, but he doesn’t want to make it a law that we all have to believe in jesus. Many people are “pro-life” about their OWN abortion but “pro-choice” about the LAW, because they don’t think it’s right to dictate other people’s religious or moral values, especially when it has such huge consequences on their life.

Or how about this: if a vegetarian believes that killing animals for food is ethically wrong, should he be able to make that a law that everyone has to follow? Or is it enough for him to just be able to personally choose to not eat meat? It’s possible to not eat meat yourself without harassing those around you to make the same choice. You can share your opinions and thoughts with your friends, of course, especially if they want your advice, but you don’t have to have the police handcuff them if they disagree.

The point is that you have to trust your fellow human beings to have a conscience, and to take responsibility for the choices and actions that their life is comprised of. But you cannot force them to follow the same path as you. It is entirely possible that the way they understand the world simply leads them to a different understanding of matters, and they honestly do not have a difficulty discarding the teeny-tiny potentiality that is an early-stage embryo. For a secular-ish type person, comparing this to a murder is like comparing chopping down a majestic oak tree to digging up a barely sprouted acorn. It’s not the same.

Slate explores how the contemporary GOP has lost touch with the original family values that supposedly led to the absolute anti-abortion stance, by holding so fast to the absolute stance and not the values themselves…

Also, here’s a look at the so-called “feminists for life” contingent…


September 8, 2008

After finding those electoral college sites, I started to read some of their blogs, which for some reason seemed to mostly lean right. That, combined with some floor interviews from the daily show the other night – yeah, I realize they’re just cuts to provide a little entertainment, but they’re still revealing – have got me feeling a bit down about democracy (I know we live in a republic, whatever). These numbers claim that Palin is more popular than Biden, or Obama for that matter (or McCain, even). Probably just ’cause she’s pretty… There was even someone in the daily show interview who said something along the lines of, ‘she makes me feel like anyone could be president!’ As if that is what we’re looking for in a leader…

One of those blogs went on about how great her joke, “what’s the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? lipstick” was, which also bothered me. I mean, not only is it unfair to pit bulls :), but really it is basically saying, “I’m viciously attacking for no good reason while wearing a fake smile” and everyone responds by saying “yay, yah, yay, oh how great! woo.” What is wrong with people?

I feel like too often people just forget the point of government. If you were voting for her to run your company, would you be so excited? The point of government is to try to make our mutual lives more fair and well-run. We don’t want attack dogs who can read teleprompters and smirk. We want smart, sensible people who can work out decent solutions for real problems.

The latest numbers are the highest yet for McCain, even including the last time he got ahead of Obama, back in August when he hit 46 and Obama was at 43 or 44. This time, he hit 48, and Obama is at 45. So together they have 93% of the vote instead of just 89 or 90…

This is another good map to keep track of the states on.